Capital City Park II is a forgotten ballpark. So forgotten in fact that when people name the stadiums of Columbia South Carolina, they regularly say Dreyfus Field/Capital City Park I and Capital City Stadium II. In between those two ballparks however was a rather temporary looking ballpark that is the "real" Capital City Park II. While the city of Columbia may want to forgot this place ever existed, this ballpark was around for quite awhile... 8 full professional years in fact and it would produce 3 future Major League All-Stars. Because of this... for the record, we're going to clear all that up here. We are now renaming this ballpark... Capital City Park II former home of the Columbia Mets and the Capital City Bombers would then go on to play in Capital City Stadium III. The stunning original wooden grandstand known as Dreyfus Field and Capital City Park I (1927-1962?) that stood before this structure and which would be home to Hall of Famer Frank Robinson and 17 years of amazing Cincinnati Reds Minor League Double-A Baseball, should no longer be put in the same sentence as this place.