There was talk that if the Mets were going to remain here... well it couldn't be "here". This ballpark was obviously quickly thrown together" to get a professional team interested in the area again, but if pro ball was to remain... a new "proper" baseball stadium would need to be built Plans were drawn for the new Capital City Stadium III... a new ballpark to be made of concrete and steel. Though it wasn't exactly a technological wonder it was certainly a step up from this place. The Columbia Mets had done well enough at this little ballpark, drawing 114,000 in 1988 but by 1989 and 1990 attendance began to drop under the 100k mark reaching a low of 85k. If the Mets wanted to maintain their fanbase... they better start playing in a ballpark where you didn't need to have a set of tweezers at the concession stand to remove splinters.