Todd Hundley wasn't the only record breaker on this team ... far from it in fact. Anthony Young would go 9-6, 3.49 on his way to setting the another amazing all time record... the record for consecutive losses by a pitcher when he would lose (would you believe?)... 27 straight decisions without a win for the New York Mets. With a 2-14 record in 1992 and a 1-16 record in 1993... these abominable figures are enough to make one think they were reading a typo but Anthony Young would be the king of futility. Despite the 3-30 record over the course of those 2 seasons, Anthony's ERA was actually just under 4.00 finishing the two seasons with a combined 3.98. There have been plenty of documented cases of pitchers with an ERA of 3.98 winning 20 games a season so it is hard to put the blame solely on Anthony Young and perhaps more could be said about the Mets chronic inability to hit with men on base. This '89 team also featured Pete Schourek (5-9, 2.85) who would go on to have a great 18-7, 3.22 season for the Cincinnati Reds in 1995 but sadly never got an All-Star nomination to show for it.