While the Mets seemed to stall out a bit finishing at 73-67, the 1989 Columbia Mets would produce the best hitter in Capital City Park II's history. Todd Hundley would come to town to bat .269 with 23 2B and 11 HR adding 66 RBI's. While the 2nd round draft pick Hundley was never a darling in the eyes of the scouts... he would turn out to be one of the best players the Mets ever drafted during this period. Hundley would spend 9 years in New York and be one of the most productive hitters in the history of Shea Stadium when he hit a massive 41 HR, 112 RBI's with a .259 in 1996 to take over some all time catching records that even Mike Piazza wouldn't achieve (Piazza never hit more than 40 HR in a season). Hundley would follow up that season with a 30 HR, .273 performance earning his second All-Star nod and becoming the 3rd All-Star to be produced by little Capital City Park II.