By 1987, this team was just a shell of their former selves. Falling to 11 games below .500, all of the players who had led this team the previous season were promoted to Double-A Jackson. The pitching staff was pedestrian at best though Brandon Bailey made for a fun time at the ballpark with his home run prowess. Bailey was another player who would never play in the big leagues, and would lead the team in slugging batting .256 with a new Capital City Park record 24 HRs. The 87 season was the only time that this franchise would finish under .500 as only 92,000 fans came out to see them. The 1988 Columbia Mets were a better team then the previous year's efforts... because of pitching but there were no fireworks to speak of at Capital City Park II. Leadoff men Terry McDaniel and Rodney Murrell who led the '88 franchise in power with... 5 homers. Not exactly what you would call "exciting baseball". The reason for the 22 point jump in the win column had everything to do with pitching as the one two punch of Julio Valera (15-11, 3.20) and Mike Miller (14-8, 2.76) led the Columbia Mets to a 74-63 record and out of the postseason.