McCormick Field's long and storied history has actually gone through several changes over the years. While most look at the changes that occurred in 1992 as being the beginning of McCormick Field II... it may actually be the start of McCormick Field III. In the late 1940's that the original grandstand with the centered triangle behind home plate had been "upgraded" to a more typical looking "WPA style" baseball park (with a press box sitting on top of the roof where the triangle once stood) while the huge roofed grandstand in left field was taken down. We think this happened around 1947 because according to Gord Brown (SABR-Ontario), the capacity of the stadium dropped nearly in half during this time from 8,000 to 4,500. The race track which came in the 1950's (which we will talk about later) dropped the seating capacity another 1,000 seats to 3,500. The differences from the 1924 opening day photograph we showed you before are quite obvious and we're not sure exactly what remained from the original grandstand's structure (if anything at all)... to when the ballpark began to look like this in the 1940's. Thus today's McCormick Field II may really be McCormick Field III.