Riley Park

South Carolina

Former home of the Sumter Chicks
Sumter Flyers
Sumter Astros
Sumter Braves
Sumter Indians
The Chicks featured several pitchers whose talents were more than questionable. The ring leader however had to be Donald Johnson who put up a simply awful 0-9, 7.58 record. He was joined by Robert Newton (4-14, 4.62), Samuel Jones (6-14, 4.96) and Jack Hargett (9-15, 3.93). Needless to say, this team was not playoff bound. In fact, the Chicks were bound for last place with a miserable 53-91 record, 34 games behind 1st place. Only 30,000 fans bothered to show up all season (4 teams drew over 100,000 including the Knoxville Smokies who crossed the 150k mark). It may have been more the team's fault than the fans, (as the apathy grew for this "un-watchable" team) but either way, it was enough to send the Chicks packing for Greenville... where they became the Spinners in 1951. Donald Johnson and Robert Newton may have led such a bad rotation, that they were responsible for professional baseball disappearing from Sumter for 2 decades. No one gave Riley Park a second chance and after only 2 seasons, this ballpark would go dark to professional baseball until 1970.