Riley Park

South Carolina

Former home of the Sumter Chicks
Sumter Flyers
Sumter Astros
Sumter Braves
Sumter Indians
The Sumter Chicks seemed to be a revolving door of players. Joseph Sabatella was the only hitter to provide stability as he put up 531 At Bats. No other player would even reach the 400 At Bat mark.  Because of this, Sabatella's 32 2B, 8 HR and .277 batting average were all leaders in statistics for the Chicks. On the mound meanwhile, former Cincinnati Reds and now 38 year old veteran Wes Livengood provided the stability in the rotation, putting up a 13-8, 3.38 record while Alexander Zych's statistics (10-16, 5.03) provided more of a clue, as to the direction of where this team was headed. When the Chicks returned in 1950, they found themselves with far more consistency. They had a lineup which featured Frank Colasinski (25 2B, 15 HR, .281), Frank Dunlap (21 2B, 10 HR, .325), Gordon Johnson (22 2B, .294) and Jack Mitchell (15 2B, .308). The problem this time around was easy to diagnose… just check the starting rotation.