Riley Park

South Carolina

Former home of the Sumter Chicks
Sumter Flyers
Sumter Astros
Sumter Braves
Sumter Indians
Located n the sleepy mid-South Carolina town of Sumter, we find Riley Park. This ballpark opened up for the first time in 1934 and seemed to have the ear-markings to become America's next classic Minor League Stadium. Pro ball however would elude Riley Park for 16 years and it wasn't until 1949 that professional baseball finally came to Riley Park's friendly confines. Riley Park looks much like the many beautiful WPA parks built during the 1930's. Today, the stadium uses a very dark shade of brown in its base paths. This provides a stark contrast to the nearly white ball field (no the coloring on your laptop isn't starting to go). This was taken early on in the year and we're not sure if this outfield turns a nice shade of green in the summer or if the field is always this very curious shade. Either way, it certainly is interesting enough.