When this ballpark went through its rebuilding process, Golden Park was in the midst of a long term PDC with the St. Louis Cardinals who had made this their Double-A Southern League home for 11 years since 1936 (with a 4 year interruption from WWII when the Southern League ... then called the "South Atlantic League", suspended operations). The capacity of this ballpark increased after the renovation from 3,500 to 5,000 which the "Columbus Cardinals" needed considering they were a very successful franchise... usually finishing well over .500.
The question was whether they could bring that success to the new ballpark which shared the same footprint as "Golden Park I"... home plate, the diamond and around 1st through 3rd being in the same location. The new brick fences however were brought in 10 feet down the lines and a significant 85 feet to dead center as the configurations went from a very spacious 340-500-340 to a not so pitcher friendly 330-415-330. As for their previous success following over to this new ballpark, there would be some good years and some not so good years ahead for this franchise.