Photograph above courtesy of Golden Park Recreation
The history of Golden Park dates all the way back to 1926 when this ballpark was first built. We are however, going to take pick up the record of this ballpark beginning in 1951. Golden Park had gone through a significant enough renovation, to be consider as a different stadium then the one built in '26. This new ballpark was to be made of steel and concrete while Golden Park I was a wooden facility. In many ways, you could consider the ballpark that we are looking at today to be called "Golden Park III" as this stadium was significantly altered for the Olympics in 1996 from what it originally looked like in 1995. If you look at the photograph above (pre-1996) and compare it to the photograph you saw in the previous photo (post Olympics 1996)... you will see just how significant these changes were. The grandstand down the lines is much longer and the entire main section of grandstand including the whole roofing system has also undergone a rather large modification.