With his new stadium and the return of the Chicago Cubs backing, Frank D. Lawrence set out to put together an amazing baseball team. When the Portsmouth Cubs finished the season in 2nd place and making the playoffs in 1941, it marked a run of 12 straight seasons in which the Portsmouth Cubs would make the post-season. Unfortunately the team was similar to the Atlanta Braves of the 1990's... a dozen straight seasons in the playoffs or World Series but only 1 Championship to show for it.  In 1942, Lawrence brought in Major League Hall of Famer Tony Lazzari (who also played in 98 games for Portsmouth batting .242 at the age of 38) to manage the team and take it even further... which he did... losing in the finals instead of the first round. As the war years began, 95% of the Minor League Systems would shut down for a 3 year period. The three Triple-A leagues and the Southern Association (which would be considered today as between Double-A and Triple-A) would continue on and that was about it (except for perhaps the All-Girls Professional League of course). The 4-5 dozen other Minor League systems which held up to 10 teams each throughout the country would one by one... suspended operations, going dark for 3 long seasons. The Class B Piedmont League however was such a strong Minor League system, that it was one of the very very few that continued to play on.