Frank D. Lawrence was a very powerful man by this point... both in banking and in baseball and he did get his way. The Works Progress Administration would indeed build a brand new baseball/football multipurpose stadium dubbed "Portsmouth Stadium" (soon after renamed Frank D. Lawrence Stadium for his incredible work in keeping baseball thriving in this very "baseball populated" city). Portsmouth certainly wasn't the only "game in town". In fact, there were at one time... a total of 3 professional ballparks all playing simultaneous Minor League Baseball within a 15-20 square mile area. You could literally go  to 3 games in one night if you spent 2 innings at one ballpark ... spent an inning traveling 2 innings at another... etc. By WWII... Portsmouth had its Franklin D. Lawrence Stadium... while in Newport News, Shipbuilders Park was also serving the same Piedmont League (which was replaced by Hampton's all wooden War Memorial Stadium in 1947... luckily still standing) and of course Norfolk had its own team as well playing at Myers Field... also in the same Piedmont League. As you can imagine, when these 3 teams played against each other... it was usually a sold out crowd.