During the mid 1930's meanwhile... President Franklin D. Roosevelt had created the new Works Progress Administration... a task force designed to "build things"... whatever those things may be. Many times, those "things" were Minor League Baseball stadiums which sprang up all over the country. Building these ballparks (and other "things" like bridges and schools) give the country some desperately needed work due to the "Depression" which caused severe unemployment to plague the United States. Architecturally these "WPA ballparks" were rather straightforward in their design ... made more to last for decades to come from strong concrete and steel (after losing so many wooden Minor League ballparks to the errant cigarette or cigar). These stadiums however were usually intrinsically beautiful in their simplicity and many still do remain today (though not this one). Frank D. Lawrence knew that Frank D. Roosevelt had these  beautiful new baseball stadiums being created around the country and with his Portsmouth Truckers and Cubs doing so well at the aging wooden Sewanee Stadium... he began to petition FDR to have the Works Progress Administration build him a brand new stadium for his Portsmouth Truckers/Cubs, right here in Portsmouth Virginia.