Portsmouth was added to the Carolina League roster in 1963 along with "Peninsula" who played at War Memorial Stadium over the bridge in Hampton (former home of the Newport News franchises). The Tides wouldn't have an affiliation to start off with in their new Single-A home and again played as a co-op franchise. The team also dropped the "Portsmouth-Norfolk" designation as the hyphenated name didn't exactly flow easily off the tongue; Instead they received a new regional destination... becoming known for the first time as the "Tidewater Tides". Despite being dropped to a Single-A designation, the team would produce an impact player in Larry Stahl (15 2B, 7 HR, 17 SB, .292) who spent 10 years playing for the New York Mets, San Diego Padres and Cincinnati Reds. Initially the Tides played poorly without any Major League backing, but by 1964 they had finally returned to the playoffs thanks to an all new affiliate... the Chicago White Sox. While there were no future All-Stars in their midst... the team did feature a few future impact players with Buddy Bradford (20 2B, 13 HR, .285) going on to an 11 year MLB career and Rudy May (13-6, 2.55) going on to an American League ERA title in 1980 when he posted a 15-5, 2.46 record for the Yankees. Surprisingly in 16 years, the steady Rudy May never became an All-Star. In 1965 the Tidewater Tides would finally go all the way to finally win just their 2nd Championship title at Frank D. Lawrence Stadium since the ballpark opened in 1941. After their 2 year PDC with the White Sox came to an end, the Tides switched their affiliations back to the Philadelphia Phillies a team that they had been associated with way back in the early days of the Piedmont League.