5 long years had passed since the Piedmont League folded and Frank D. Lawrence stadium remained dark throughout that time. Finally in 1961, there was a very bright glimmer of hope for Portsmouth as the Southern League came calling (The Southern League had been known then as the "South-Atlantic League" during this time but was not in any way related to today's Single-A "South Atlantic League"). In 1961, this Double-A system would place a brand new team called the "Portsmouth-Norfolk Tides" at Frank D. Lawrence Stadium. The new Tides would be under the Kansas City Athletics' domain and brought the stadium its first Major League affiliate since the Chicago Cubs left a dozen years ago in 1948. Of the 47 men who would appear throughout the season on their roster, a very impressive 18 of them would make it to the Major Leagues. There were two however who would add to list of future Major League All-Stars as John Wyatt posted a 9-3, 3.13 record on his way to a 9 year All-Star career with the KC A's and the Boston Red Sox where he served as their closer, going 9-8, 3.59 and saving 20 games in a league leading 81 games to become an All-Star in 1964. John O'Donoghue wasn't very impressive when he came here posting a 1-1, 7.36 but the lefty figured it out and made the All-Star team. The relationship with the Kansas City Athletics was a short one, and after one year, they gave way to the St. Louis Cardinals. The Cardinals didn't bring much in terms of talent to the ballclub which continued to play under .500. Only 5 players would go on to play in the Majors on the 34 man roster despite Ronald Cox (23 HR, 93 RBI, .307) and Marty Beltran (20 HR, 19 SB, .309) having fine years. In 1963, the St. Louis Cardinals version of the Portsmouth-Norfolk Tides would move off to Nashville, leaving FDL without a team in the Southern League. Luckily the Carolina League was looking to expand by two local teams in the area... attempting to create a nice little rivalry.