The Portsmouth Cubs brought in future Brooklyn Dodgers catcher... 19 year old Rube Walker (7 HR, .258) and the amazing 9x future MLB All-Star named Smokey Burgess (.400). Walker would spend 11 years in the Major Leagues and was known for his great defense but it was Burgess who was considered one of the best catchers of his day... often leading all Catchers in both leagues in batting average. Burgess' best season came in 1962 with the Pirates when he hit 13 HR and batted .328. He would finish at the age of 40 with an incredible 18 year Major League, nearly batting .300 throughout as he finished with a .295 career average. Despite the talented catching... the Portsmouth Cubs finished 2 games below .500 for the first time in years and somehow still made the playoffs. While in most years they were expected to win it all, this time around, they were expected to be swept. Of course as baseball usually turns out... this would be the one and only season in which the Portsmouth Cubs in their 12 straight post-season run would actually win the Piedmont League Championship. Go figure. Luckily the war was finally coming to an end and the boys were finally coming home. Unfortunately, the end of the war was also the end of Portsmouth's long term relationship with the Chicago Cubs. Frank D. Lawrence Stadium said goodbye to their old friends and spent the rest of their time in the Piedmont League as a co-op team.