There was no way to compete with the 1962 team, and no doubt the 1963 Padres entry into the PCL was a comparitive disappointment, as the team finished 3rd with a 83-74 (.529). Still... they were competitive and several players showed some tremendous promise... probably no more than Deron Johnson. Johnson was in his final season in the Minors before embarking on a remarkably successful 16 year MLB career with the
   Phillies, A's and Reds, including a 30 double, 32 HR, 130 RBI .287 season for the 1965 Reds. Before he would do that however, he would put himself in the record books here at Westgate Park by slamming 33 HRs (22 2B, 91 RBI, .277) easily blowing away the for 26 HR record set by Tommy Harper and Joe Taylor. Mel Queen also slammed 25 homers and batted .260, before oddly hanging up his bat to become a full time pitcher for the Cincinnati Reds. Other Reds hitters included future Miracle Met Art Shamsky (21 2B, 18 HR, .267) and the speedster and future Cincinnati Reds 2B Chico Ruiz (20 2B, 11 HR, 50 SB, .298). On the mound future All-Star Sammy Ellis returned for another season (12-10, 2.62), along with future All-Star Billy McCool who was all of 18 when he went 4-0 with a 1.04 ERA. While the talent pool seemed to remain pretty fertile under the Reds umbrella, they hadn't seen the best of it yet. There had been almost a dozen future All-Star players so far to come to Westgate Park but that wouldn't even come close to what Westgate Park would produce in 1964. The best was yet to come and they were going to shatter Westgate Park records and even... enter into the Hall of Fame.