Photograph courtesy of Robert Jung
The White Sox era was over by 1962, with the Triple-A franchise returning to Bush Stadium in Indianapolis, after a 2 year absense. In their place came Cincinnati Reds who had been playing at the old Roosevelt Stadium in Jersey City. The Reds doubled their PDC over what Chicago had offered and gave Westgate Park a little stability. With that stability came the
  stadium's golden age. The Reds brought so much talent to the ballpark that the Padres quickly became one best franchises in the Pacific Coast League. The team's shining stars were a 21 year old by the name of Tommy Harper who would go on to have a 15 year All-Star career in the Majors with the Reds and Red Sox. For the Padres, Harper hit .333 with 24 doubles and 26 homers (tying Joe Taylor for Westgate's best). Harper was joined by Jesse Gonder who would spend 8 years with the Yankees and Mets. Gonder had perhaps an even better season than Harper, batting .342 with 31 doubles, 21 homers and a Westgate Park best 116 RBI. Cuban born Rogelio Alvarez added to the mix hitting .318 with 28 doubles and 18 homers. As good as they were, that was nothing compared to the "All-Star" cast that the Padres put out on the mound. Their starting rotation was downright devistating and included future 2 time 20 game winner and All Star of the Cincinnati Reds Jim Maloney (4-1, 2.20); former 2 time All Star, Cleveland Indian Joe Nuxhall (9-2, 3.21); future All-Star 20 game winner for the Reds Sammy Ellis (12-6, 3.53); future Chicago Cub John Flavin (12-2, 3.45) and future Cincinnati Reds pitcher John Tsutoris (13-8, 2.92). Together this group of future All-Stars were the best team to ever take the field at Westgate Park, going 93-61 (.604) on the season, taking 1st place and winning the Pacific Coast League Championship... the first title for Westgate Park.