Photograph Courtesy of Michael Kalanick
San Diego would face a major disappointment when Atlanta decided to tear down Ponce De Leon Ballpark and replace it with the very round (almost doughnutlike) Atlanta Fulton County Stadium in 1965 for the Atlanta Crackers to continue playing in. As beautiful as Westgate Park was and as easily as it could be brought up to Major League standards, it didn't match the enormity of Atlanta's new stadium which screamed Major League Baseball... so while the trend was to migrate across the United States and take up residence on the coast, the Braves bucked the trend and instead headed south to Atlanta. Westgate Park was to continue on as a Pacific Coast League ballpark, and one of the best ones at that. Sadly, all of the grandious plans to expand the ballpark and take it to the next level would fall away, and the ballpark that was supposed to take San Diego into perhaps, the next century... wound up having one of the shortest lifespans of any Triple-A ballpark in history. Barely surviving a full decade, beautiful Westgate Park burned brightly and then died away as quickly as it came.