Along with Seattle, Portland had yet to figure out their own personal identity. They would take the field for the first time in 1903 (as shown above) as the "Portland Browns". As for those Webfoots... the now displaced team would be relegated to a little wooden ballpark in East Portland on the corner of 8th Street and Hawthorne Avenue. After being kicked out, the Webfoots would rebrand themselves to the equally odd-named "Portland Green Gagues" giving Portland 2 professional teams playing simultaneously. That didn't last very long as barely anyone came to see the Green Gauges' ballgames at this other facility. By July 1st the Green Gagues realized they couldn't compete with the new "Portland Browns" PCL team and moved to Salt Lake City mid-season. The new PCL played a much longer season then even we are used to, so we warn you ahead of time that before you get excited by amazing and extravagant pitching numbers... realize that the original PCL played 200 games per season. Doc Newton was the new PCL team's ace posting a very healthy 35-12, 2.43 while Jake Thielman posted a (17-7, 2.12). Ike Butler however was 22-27 (3.21) giving up 491 hits in a very tiring 440 innings while Charlie Shields was 19-25 (2.92). As for the lineup, all you needed was a single home run to tie for team lead as no one hit 2.