Edo Vanni's quote "If a horse got stranded out there, he would have starved to death. It was nothing but rocks." became so well known around the PCL, that getting talent to come to Seattle was nearly impossible. Anyone with baseball talent that wasn't Seattle born and bred decided that the grass was most definitely greener (at least there was grass) at some other PCL team's ballpark. The Seattle Indians would not have a winning season throughout their history here and in factů lost nearly 100 games in every season that they would take the field at Civic Stadium. Attendance became scarce and before long the team went bankrupt. Don't feel bad for Bald Bill Klepper however... he was known for being one of the stingiest owners in baseball, and players were known to wait a very long time (if ever) before they got a paycheck. While it was certainly Klepper's loss, it was also most certainly... another man's gain.