There was hardly any grass in the infield... and not a single blade in the outfield. The ball would skip through the infield off the bat with tremendous speed as there was nothing to slow it down. If the ball was hit hard enough through the hard dirt and wound up in rightfield, it would wind up getting lost in the gooseberry bushes and be declared a ground rule triple. One player hit a "Baltimore Chop" that went so far up in the air after hitting the hard dirt in front of home plate, that he himself wound up with an infield triple. Ted Williams found the ballpark so complicated and baffling that he would barely hit just over .100 at Civic Stadium while playing as a visiting player for the San Diego Padres. This caused his seasonal average to drop under .300 for one of the only times in his career, during his final season in the PCL. Williams would have easily hit over .300 on the season if you remove his "skewed statistics" from Civic Stadium.