A combination of three 20 game winners (All Bonner, 20-14; Duster Mails, 24-18; William Rose, 20-10) and future St. Louis Cardinals' Jack Smith (40 2B, 18 3B, 4 HR, .337) led the Seattle Giants back to a 1st place as Dugdale Park celebrated its very first Northwestern League Championship in 1915. The winning team shown (shown posing very happily in front of their new Dugdale grandstand above) would finish the season at 88-68. By 1918, the Northwestern League would suspend operations for good as the war began to rage overseas. As stated earlier, the war had already payed a large toll in Portland where the team had to escape quickly and played half the season here with the Seattle Giants as the "Ballad Pippins". With the NWL in demise, the Giants quickly moved into the new "Pacific Coast International League" along with Tacoma, Vancouver, Aberdeen, Portland (now back in their own hometown's "Vaughn Street Park") and Spokane for the 1919 season. The Giants would again take 1st place behind Harley Young (13-2) though it would be in an abbreviated season due to issues arising from World War I. Nonetheless... it was the 2nd Championship season for Dugdale Park.