By 1913, a new and improved version of Dugdale Park was being built for the Seattle Giants as Al Gipe reportedly posted an 18-0 record on the mound and we have heard that a few games towards the end of the season actually took place here before the roof and second deck went on (as shown above). By 1914, the Seattle Giants were ready to play their first full season here at their new ballpark. Cy Swain would be the team's new hero, batting .310 with 43 2B, 14 3B and 12 HR while Wheezer Dell posted a 21-13 record and Al Gipe returned to go 19-7. Pete Schneider was also terrific at 12-2 despite being only 18 years old. While this photo shows "Dugdale Park II" in its more humble settings... before long the $35,000 Dugdale Park would grow to enormous proportions.