Former Catcher Dan Dugdale came to Pacific Northwest during the gold rush of the latter 19th century. While he didn't necessarily find gold in "them thar hills"… he did find baseball. No longer able to play, Dugdale put together several teams in the last 1800's and early 1900's before creating the Seattle Siwashes, the Seattle Turks and finally… the Seattle Giants. The Siwashes and Turks played in an earlier version of Dugdale Park (also known as "Yesler Way Park" * Gord Brown SABR) that was a single roofed grandstand. A new Dugdale Park however would be created thanks to the 1912 Seattle Giants who Championed a 99-66 1st place finish thanks to some incredible pitching by Charles Fullerton (23-13) and Cecil Thompson (23-11) and Les Mann who hit 23 HR and batted .300 at a time when HR were a very uncommon commodity.