Billy Lane was nearly as good as the previous season posting 49 2B while hitting .336. Ray Rohwer meanwhile hit 42 of his own along with something that had never been done here before… 33 HR along with 15 3B and a .325 batting average. Keep in mind that this was 1924. The hitting of that many homers usually belonged to someone with the last name of Ruth. Ross Eldred however… pulled off the nearly impossible when he hit an incredible 71 doubles in one season while batting .351. The trio of Lane, Rohwer and Eldred hit a combined total of 162 2B as Dugdale Park proved to be an absolute hitter's haven. Despite that fact however, Vean Gregg would go 25-11 with a 2.90 ERA to finally get this team to 1st place and give Seattle their very first Championship in the Pacific Coast League, finishing with a 109-91 record and their 3rd at this ballpark overall. 12.It would also be their last Pacific Coast League Championship at this stadium, despite Frank Brazill's best efforts in 1925 (67 2B, 11 3B, 29 HR, .395) when he put out the best overall performance of any hitter in team history. Future Brooklyn Dodgers 35 HR slugger Babe Herman (52 2B, 13 3B, 15 HR, .316) also joined the club during this time. It was the end of an era for the Seattle Indians as they dropped to last place in the standings for nearly a decade before their world went up in flames.