The new "Rainiers" would signal the end of Dan Dugdale as the owner of the franchise as they quickly became one of the top teams in the PCL (which was known for playing very long seasons… usually lasting from March right through to Halloween). The 1920 Rainiers would go 102-91 in their 193 game season, staying competitive all season long and finishing in 2nd. By 1921 they added another win to that, but dropped to 4th place behind an 103-82 record. Surprisingly, the Rainiers name wouldn't "take" during its first go around. Probably because everyone had gotten so used to the "Seattle Giants" moniker that was part of the Northwestern and Pacific International Leagues. 1922 saw the team take the field as the "Seattle Indians" (of course still playing independently with no "ties or affiliations" to Cleveland. The new franchise featured a tag team of expert "two baggers" as Ross Eldred (55 2B, 10 3B, 9 HR, .354) and Billy Lane (57 2B, 10 3B, 10 HR, .285) combined to hit 112 doubles in one season alone. Ross Eldred refused to be outdone however and came back in 1924 to set that all time PCL record for doubles.