Photograph from the Utah State Historical Society, courtesy of Fred Sagebaum
In 1951, the Philadelphia Phillies signed the Bees up to be their Rookie League entry. The PDC would bring future Phillies pitcher Bob Greenwood to the team, who would single-handedly lead the team back to 1st place again with a 21-7, 3.30 record. The move also brought future Phillies RF Bob Bowman (9 2B, 9 HR, .270) to Derks Field, along with Gordon Hernandez (21 2B, 14 3B, 8 HR, .290) and Ted Hesse (32 2B,
   7 3B, .321). While there was still no championship in sight... the Bees' 84-52 record was certainly impressive enough. After an off year in 1953, the Bees rebounded again going 69-62 behind the excellent pitching of Clyde DeWitt (19-8, 3.25) and Burt Barkelew (12-3, 2.58) as well as the hitting prowess of future St. Louis Cardinals SS Lee Tate (.281) and the monster year of slugger John Moskus (23 2B, 9 3B, 28 HR, .317). The Bees were back in the playoffs and this time, with the tremendous seasons of Clyde DeWitt and John Moskus pushing them forwards... they were able to finally secure their first championship season for new Derks Field. As good as they were in 1953, they were even better in 1954, securing 1st place yet again, this time behind the power hitting of Svend Jessen (21 2B, 25 HR, .293) and the fantastic season that John Turk put together (25 2B, 14 HR, .369). Louis Shade meanwhile was excellent going 17-8, 4.01 while Burt Barkelew returned to go 16-6, 3.39. The Bees easily beat their record from the previous season, going 78-53 on the year, and were greedily pushing forward to the final round of  the playoffs, hoping to bring even more gold home to gold home to Derks Field.