Photograph Courtesy of Fred Sagebaum
and the Weber State University - Stewart Library Special Collections

The Ogden Reds were now the team to beat in the Pioneer League. By their second season here at Affleck Park however, most of their excellent hitters had been promoted... leaving very little in the way of power for this lineup. Frank Shone hit .289 with 17 triples and that was
the extent of the slugging on this team. Dale Laybourne returned to hit only .247 with a team leading 5 HR. Mike Winseck added at .272 behind 26 2B, 14 3B and 3 HR, while Thomas Canavan (22 2B, .320) was the best pure hitter. That was all the Ogden Reds could muster at the plate. On the mound however… they were simply stunning. Future Cincinnati Reds' Clayton Lambert returned to pitch one of the best seasons ever at this ballpark, posting a 21-6, 2.21 record while Rocky Stone also returned to go 17-11, 2.91. The pitching was so good that the Reds put up a 76-51 record to make the playoffs and thanks to their fantastic pitching, would again take the Championship back home to John Affleck Stadium. It was the sign of a powerhouse team in the making. It was a great season but it was also the beginning of a very dangerous situation. World War II broke out and Ogden had a hard time keeping the roster steady. Only William Daniels (24 2B, 20 3B, 7 HR, .275) would remain in the lineup all season long, as the Reds went through players very quickly. The high rate of turnover dropped the team quickly down the standings. On the mound, future Cincinnati Reds pitcher Johnny Hetki (13-8, 2.24) gave Clayton Lamberts' 2.21 ERA title a run but came up 3 points short. When the season came to a close, so did the Pioneer League.