Photograph Courtesy of Jordan Anderson
At home in their new ballpark, the 1940 Ogden Reds were led on the field by the great power hitting prowess of Pete Hughes (30 2B, 11 3B, 20 HR, .312). Hughes was one of only 4 players in the Pioneer League to break the 20 HR mark and missed leading the league by only 2. Hughes was joined by Bobby Adams who hit a fantastic .356 with 15 2B and 13 3B to lead the league in hitting. Adams' hitting talents weren't lost on the parent club and by 1946, Bobby Adams was a member of the Cincinnati Reds where he spent 10 years of his illustrious 14 year MLB career as a 3rd baseman and 2nd baseman. Gordon Duff meanwhile, may not have been able to hit the ball over the wall, but had quite the talent for landing his hits where no one could get to them as he racked up 29 2B and an amazing 25 triples along with 5 HR to join his .315 batting average. Other impressive talent included Dale Laybourne who hit .327 with 22 2B, 15 3B and 7 HR and Glenn Sinnott (20 2B, 16 3B, 6 HR, .296). On the mound, 4 future Major Leaguers held down the starting rotation including future Cincinnati Reds pitchers, Rocky Stone (10-5, 3.96) and Clayton Lambert (12-9, 4.10). While their hitting certainly outweighed their pitching efforts, this inaugural Affleck Stadium team was strong enough to make the playoffs where they quickly took apart the competition and came out Champions at their new ballpark.