Municipal Field

Manitowoc Wisconsin

Home of the Manitowoc Bandits

Former Home of the
Manitowoc Skunks
In 1994, the Northwoods League would start out with only 5 teams. They would be the Manitowoc Skunks, the nearby Kenosha Kroakers (Simmons Field), the Rochester Minnesota Honkers (Mayo Field), Wausau Wisconsin's Woodchucks (Athletic Park) and Dubuque Iowa's Mudpuppies (Johnny Petrakis Field). Together this 5 team league would play throughout June and July in a minor league style atmosphere. The players weren't paid because the would need to maintain their non-pro NCAA status. Other than that, this league played seemlessly like a minor league system. Its legion of fans grew quickly and by season's end, the league had drawn 70,000 between the 5 teams.