Kansas City, Missouri is a metropolis... a business center with skyscrapers, stadiums, event centers and arenas (and some great restaurants). Kansas City, Kansas however, is more of a large town than a city and in its heart, is all about stockyards, cattle transport and agriculture rather than "big business". When you explore the Kansas side in person, it doesn't resemble its twin namesake at all, living on the other side of that river. That doesn't mean that the unique parts of this city don't come together to support their Royals or Chiefs or any of their other sporting franchises, or even each other. Still, K.C. Kansas is more of its own private entity from K.C. Missouri than you would ever think. When it was announced in 2002 that K.C. KS., would be getting a baseball team, the town was quite happy to welcome something that they could truly finally call their own.