Photo courtesy of Steven L.J. Russo and Chris Hunter and the Schenectady Museum & Science Center's GE Archives
Those Lynn Papooses were feeling pretty good about their chances going into 1928. They were afterall, the incumbent Champions of NEL and felt they had everything they needed to continue down that road. Bill Dunlap who had put up a stellar performance setting the record for lowest ERA in the NEL was brought back for a second round and was again terrific with a 12-4, 3.07 record. Dunlap however would have to give up his reign as ace of staff as Walter Stowers was brought in for that task, and Stowers was absolutely terrific, posting a 17-5, 3.31 record. The hitting meanwhile, which had been a little off was made better by the addition of "Double" Joe Dwyer who added some pop to the lineup leading the team in doubles (20), triples (10) and homers (6), all while batting .275. "Double" Joe Dwyer was known as such for his penchant of hitting doubles (obviously), though when he finally got called up to the Major Leagues with the Cincinnati Reds, he didn't hit a single "double" in his short MLB career.