Photo courtesy of Steven L.J. Russo and Chris Hunter and the Schenectady Museum & Science Center's GE Archives
During their first year, the Lynn Papooses were led by a 20 year old catching prospect who the Boston Braves had already given a "cup of coffee" to in the previous season. Shanty Hogan was sent to GE Park to prepare to become the everyday catcher for the Boston Braves going forward and they wanted him to impress before bringing him to the Majors again. Impress he would as he "lit up" this ballpark even without the lights, batting a stellar .368, leading the team in doubles (32) and leading the New England League in both Homers with 19 and RBI's 89. By 1927, Shanty would play half the season with the Braves posting a .288. Shanty was so well thought of that he was traded to the New York Giants the following season for Hall of Fame superstar Rogers Hornsby. The trade worked out pretty well for both teams as Hogan hit .333 with 10 HR in his first season with the Giants in 1928. Hogan had his best season in 1930 when he hit .339 with 26 2B and 13 HR for the Giants, becoming a huge part of their offense. The Papooses would finish in 2nd place at 53-42 in their inaugural season here thanks to Shanty's contributions as well as those of Kenneth Storme (12 HR, .352), Sid Graves (9 HR, .288)  and Willard Millsaps (22 2B, 10 3B, 8 HR, .330).