Photo courtesy of Steven L.J. Russo and Chris Hunter and the Schenectady Museum & Science Center's GE Archives
Before the stunning Minor League ballpark, Fraser Field made its debut in 1940 in the northern suburbs of Boston Massachusetts; General Electric Field in Lynn would represent the future of baseball in this country. There is a lot of question as to exactly where the first electrically lit night game had taken place in the United States with many claiming to be the first. As you can see from these photographs, General Electric had installed lighting specifically for baseball just north of Boston back in 1927. These photographs give us evidence that the very first night game was played here. Up until this point, all baseball contests had taken place during the daytime. This kept attendance artificially low because ballgames were held while most people were at work. This contest shown above on June 24th, 1927 against the "Salem Witches" would be a game changer... allowing fans to enjoy their favorite ballclub after the work day had ended, causing the game of baseball to quickly become the National Pastime.