For the 1914 and 1915 seasons, the Cubs would continue to play here at the West Side Grounds… their home since 1894 while Wrigley Field, which debuted in 1914 continued to host another franchise. During the years just before the 1st World War, there was a 3rd Major League system which was a rival to the American and National Leagues called the Federal League. Wrigley Field was opened as the fantastic new home to the Chicago Whales… and it remained that way until 1916 when
the Federal League finally collapsed. In its wake, the Cubs took over the new Wrigley ballpark (then known as Weeghman Park) as the wooden West Side Grounds was beginning to show its age. As you would magine, a brand new concrete and steel Major League ballpark, sitting abandoned after only two years without a tenant, was too good of an opportunity to ignore.