Though it wouldn't come to fruition until 1970, the groundwork had been laid for this stadium 12 years earlier. In fact, Forbes Field had already been sold to the University of Pittsburgh for $2 million dollars in 1958 so that when Three Rivers Stadium came to be, the Pirates wouldn't have to worry about what to do with Forbes Field. U.P. intended on turning the land that Forbes Field sat on, into graduate facilities. The Pirates would continue to play there and pay rent to the University of Pittsburgh until a deal for a new multi-purpose arena could be completed. As plans were drawn up for a new facility, the idea of making a stadium similar to Shea Stadium in Queens with an open centerfield so that fans could view the beautiful downtown "Golden Triangle region" and the convergence of the "Three Rivers" of Pittsburgh was quickly vetoed by the Steelers who insisted that the football/baseball stadium be fully enclosed, thus truly making what could have been at least a serviceable ballpark into the ugliest baseball stadium I have ever personally attended.