The Browns quickly grew a fan base here in Sportsman's Park and before long, the Browns were the team of St. Louis... the Cardinals, just an afterthought. The move from Milwaukee was certainly the right one for them at the time. By 1909 the ballpark doubled in size to 17,600 while further renovations brought the ballpark to 24,000 by the following year. Don't think however any of that had to do with the quality of play. The Browns were perennially one of the worst teams in the
league and with the exception of about 10 seasons... the Browns were either below .500 on a good year or simply downright miserable. That first season however... you would not have known you were about to watch the worst ballclub in the history of the American League. They finished 20 games above .500 thanks in part to two 22 game winners... Jack Powell (22-17, 3.21) and Red Donahue (22-11, 2.76). The team also featured at SS, the incomparable Bobby Wallace. Wallace batted .285 with 18 SB to give the inaugural St. Louis Browns of the American League their very first future Hall of Famer. Their 78-58 record brought the Browns not only to 2nd place ... but to a great amount of hope. Little did the St. Louis fans realize that this was simply an anomaly. In attendance the 1902 Browns would beat out the St. Louis Cardinals... 272k to 226k.