Stade Parc Jarry
"late 1970s"

Montreal Quebec Canada

First Home of the Montreal Expos
There were several ideas for what to name the new Montreal team... most notably was of course... the Royals. They were known as the Montreal Royales throughout their history dating back to 1897 and of course the city was named for (english spelling) Mount Royal.... aka Mont-real in french. Kansas City unfortunately already pounced on that name, stealing it away from the new Canadian team. There was some odd thought according to Wikipedia to the "Voyagers" but in the end, the team settled with the Expos because of the city's recent hosting of the World's Fair. It was also spelled and prounced the same way in English as it was in French. Now that the name was decided upon... the big question arose... where on earth does this team play?  In 1967 they found that new baseball stadium for the Expos... and it wasn't Jarry Parc. Instead it was... what could have been... the most bizarre ballpark in the history of professional baseball.