O'Malley was no stranger to Montreal. His Dodgers knew the city well and their former International League's Montreal Royals as they were the Triple-A franchise of the Dodgers for decades. In fact, Delmorier Downs (Hector Racine) where the Montreal Royals played, was where Jackie Robinson would play his final Minor League games before being called up to the Major Leagues. It was fate as Snyder took his outlandish idea of Montreal Major League Baseball and found a true friend of the city sitting as the un-official deciding member of the panel. O'Malley didn't need to do much convincing to his panel. They deliberated and sure enough they all came to the same concensus... Montreal was indeed primed for Major League Baseball. In 1967, Montreal was awarded an MLB franchise... and Major League Baseball was going to be coming to the French-Canadian province of Quebec. The MLB was going international!