It was back in early 1960 that William A. Shea started quite a fright within the Major League Baseball ranks by threatening to create his own Major League (the Continental League) to rival the National League and the American League. Feeling like he needed to replace the Dodgers and Giants in New York, he began a campaign to bring a new team to the Big Apple along with 7 other teams in what he felt was unexplored but MLB worthy cities. In response, the MLB decided to expand their ranks adding 4 new teams in 1961 and 1962. It was the beginning of the new concept of expansion in the MLB, as the league swelled its ranks from 16 to 20 teams. With the thought of expansion now on the minds of the MLB braintrust, and 2 new teams successfully added to the National League and the American League... the thought of continued expansion to unknown territory seemed to be a positive and novel idea. The American League had a very bad incident in which the Kansas City Athletics pulled out of K.C. after the league had guaranteed under contract that they would remain... and after Kansas City due to this contract, had already begun work on Kauffman Stadium. Now with no team to play in the new facility... Kansas City's Senator Stuart Symington went ballistic and was threatning to revoke Major League Baseball's anti-trust exemption (which lets the MLB get away with things that no other business ever could). To placate Symington, MLB announced that they would do a 2nd expansion... into 4 more new Major League cities at the end of the growing decade of the 1960s.