Forbes Field was a pitcher's park. Dreyfuss hated "cheap home runs" and make the outfield very spacious and the outfield walls rather tall. In time, the outfield became shorter with bullpens built in front of the LF wall and the scoreboard being taken out of play (now a home run). Because of this, Triples were rather easy to accumulate and the inside-the parker wasn't out of the question either. Still, this ballpark never was host to a no-hitter throughout its entire history. Forbes Field
would also… like Wrigley Field, be well known for its ivy walls which would play havoc on balls in play (in the early days when those walls were in play). The deepest part of the ballpark was in center field which originaly ran to a depth of 462 feet. When it was shortened, Left-Center took over as the deepest part of the ballpark at 457 feet.