Forbes Field was once, the grand ballpark of Major League Baseball. The Pirates used Forbes Field for a total of 62 years, from 1909 until 1971. The ballpark was located next to the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh, built on land that owner Barney Dreyfus bought "with the assistance of" Andrew Carnegie. The ballpark was meant to be of a design that fit in with the classic architecture of the "Shenley Park District" *wiki. This new Forbes Field would be like unlike any other ballpark ever built thus far. Up until this point, all Major League (and Minor League ballparks for that matter) were made of wood. Forbes Field would be the first ballpark to ever be made of concrete and steel. Because of this, Forbes Field could rise up high and become the first ever, three tier ballpark. Forbes would have an initial capacity of 25,000 when the stadium debuted in 1909, as shown here… by far the largest stadium in professional baseball. Major Expansions would bring it up to a capacity of 41,000 by 1925.