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... and so it began in 2017 when the
Pittsburgh Pirates moved one of their home games to Historic Bowman Field and beat the Cardinals by a score of 6-3 (shown above). The game brought many of the Little League World Series champions onto the field to stand with their favorite ballplayers in what was a very magical moment. Major League Baseball believed so much in the success of this new "Little League Classic" that they decided that it should be continued every season. Keeping in mind that Major League Baseball is almost always played in massive 35,000-60,000 seat stadiums, it is a special thing to have a Major League game played in such an intimate environment (and have it actually mean something). Historic Bowman Field seats just 2,366 fans, about 5% the size of the average Major League ballpark. In 2018 the Philadelphia Phillies will move one of their regular season home games vs. the Mets during the Little League World Series week and continue to make the celebrations one that will last a lifetime... every time.