Williamsport has become famed for several other things including the Lycoming company who are a leading manufacturer of jet engines and have one of their main plants based here. It is hard however to ignore the fact that this city is the epicenter of one of the greatest historical sports showdowns anywhere in the world... the Little League World Series. It is in Williamsport that the very final games of the Little League season come together in a battle royale to find out which kids have what it takes to bring home the biggest trophy that any child could possibly win. While this gallery is about the incredibly Historic Bowman Field ... which in itself one of the great ballparks of the world... it is not the only incredibly "historic" baseball stadium in Williamsport. We want to impress upon you... The Little League World Series does not take place at this stadium. Bowman Field is a professional baseball park and this ballfield is certainly too large for the "7 to 12 year old" squads to battle it out in.