Whlle Bresnahan thought that his ingenious plan was a brilliant one, the home plate umpire didn't think so and called the runner safe on "deception" even though Bresnahan had clearly tagged the player out at home. The president of the Eastern League meanwhile certainly didn't think very kindly of the bizarre attempt to trick the runner... taking such offense at the deed that the permanently banned Catcher Dave Bresnahan from the league. Bresnahan never stood behind this plate again and that may be okay as, his .149 batting average will never be remembered as something very special. The baseball fans of Williamsport however stood strong behind their now infamous backup catcher and a year later... though he was banned from the game, they retired his #59 uniform number in celebration of his ingenuity. Bresnahan stated in response "Lou Gehrig had to play in 2,130 consecutive games and hit .340 for his number to be retired, and all I had to do was bat .140 and throw a potato." 30 years have since passed but the incident has never been forgotten and every year at Bowman Stadium they celebrate the ingenuity of that unforgettable game at Bresnahan night... where a ticket to the Williamsport Crosscutters game costs exactly $1 and 1 potato.