When the Detroit Tigers and Jim Bunning left town in 1952, the Philadelphia Athletics returned once again for a single season to keep Williamsport with a Major League umbrella before turning it over for the next 20 years to several different franchises. Williamsport would continue to serve the Double-A Eastern League as a home to their Pennsylvanian Major Leaguers... the Pittsburgh Pirates and the Philadelphia Phillies before becoming the first Double-A home of the New York Mets in 1963 (and later the Boston Red Sox). Then tough times fell upon Bowman Field. With the exception of a brief one year stint with a returning Cleveland Indians Double-A franchise called the "Williamsport Tomahawks" in 1974 ... Bowman Field would go dark for 14 of its next 15 years to professional baseball. The stadium began to fall into disrepair and many began to wonder if the Little League's Lamade Stadium would be the only baseball park left in Williamsport once the 1980's came.