While Historic Bowman Field has been around for nearly 100 years... she has changed quite dramatically from her opening days when she was first known as Memorial Stadium. Bowman Field was a lot bigger when it first opened, seating a capacity of 4,800 (nearly double the size of what it is today). The old Bowman playing field meanwhile was simply enormous at 367 feet to the right field foul pole, 450 feet to center and 400 feet to the left field foul pole. Because of her larger size, this stadium would serve most of her life in the Double-A Eastern League (today the renovated and smaller Bowman Field is a Single-A ballpark). Prior to this stadium opening, the "Williamsport Grays" had been playing at Williamsport High School Athletic Field (where the Pennsylvania College of Technology is now located). That ballpark is long since gone and it was far too small for professional baseball. It was Williamsport Grays owner J. Walter Bowman who was able to drum up the funding for this new Memorial Stadium in 1926 ... which was simply massive in comparison to the High School ballfield.