During the early 2000's, there was an outcry for a new ballpark to be built for Pittsfield. The teams that had been playing here stated that this ballpark had outlived it's usefulness, and should be demolished for a new shiny retro ballpark. (You already know our view on this). We're not the only ones however, who've had quite enough of this. Jim Bouton was fed up himself. He decided to single-handedly bring his own ballclub here, to a ballpark that the fans truly loved... and it wouldn't cost the taxpayers any money. Bouton quickly found himself public enemy #1 to Pittsfield's government. Why?... because a new ballpark meant lots of money going in and out in the
corrupt Pittsfield government. To find out more, check out Jim Bouton's book, Foul Ball. There, he explains everything you never wanted to know, about the bad business of baseball.